I have set-up a crowd-funding campaign to support a stable release for Lan.d.s and the authoring of the book: “Theory & Applications of Multi-Ordered Grammars”.

You can pledge your support either through Patreon or PayPal below:

or subscribe for 6 months on PayPal for:

Alternatively you can make a direct contribution through paypal.me: PayPal.Me for Lands. Adding "Lands Support" as a note, plus the e-mail and address you would wish to receive your perks on.

All additional chapters or lecture materials that I will record will be available for FREE to all subscribers. Here is a break-down of the different Tiers for individuals, institutions and coorporations:

We are going to cover MOGs, Gray, ASL and GrammarTraits in great detail inside the book. We will also build together line by line at least 6 languages, ranging from prototype-based and class-based OO languages and extensions, to Domain-specific, functional and multi-paradigm systems like Lise.

Tiers begin at 5 euros per chapter for e-books in all formats including the interactive TOC-Boards that are developed within the platform. Total pledges in this tier will not surpass 30 euros in total since everything after the first 6 chapters will be free for all supporters.

The printed/ebook combo comes in 10 euros per chapter, which I will distribute through blurb.com. Again here total pledges cannot surpass 60 euros, since everything after the first 6 chapters will be free.

For all interested academic, research or other institutions the eBook will be distributed for free, as well as the inclusion to the Lands research network, with the possibility of an on-site lecture (if you can cover travel expenses). But !! If you do have funding to support the project, consider joining at 100 euros / chapter (which will not surpass 600 euros of total support).

Finally, if you and your company are making a living through parsing technologies (or you imagine doing so in the future) Lan.d.s will be an excellent R&D investement for you ! Your pledge can give you 6 to 12 days of consultancy (in total) for any parsing project you might have, an on-site 1-day workshop, plus networking and sponsoring logos on the Lands portal.

For any additional crazy specialized support you might need (like porting / embedding re-licensing etc) contact me directly at: npapoylias@gmail.com and we may find a way to make it happen.