Here you will find chapter announcements and news on the upcoming book on Lan.d.s, by N. Papoulias:

"Theory and Applications of Multi-Ordered Grammars"

Supported by the Lan.d.s crowd-funding campaign through PayPal and Patreon.

The book will include the following Chapters:

Ch. 1 Why we need Multi-ordered Grammmars

Where I intorduce MOGs, the Gray algorithm, ASL as well as the Lan.d.s toolset (for visualization, compilation, live exploration and testing) through the Expr and Calc languages.

Ch. 2 ObjCalc: A prototype OO Language

Where we build a JSON parser and use it to extend the Calc compiler from Ch. 1 with objects and simple prototypical inherithance.

Ch. 3 Parsing Pharo: A pure OO Language

Where we build step by step a full Pharo recognizer and parser, that can be readily byte-compiled and tested through ASL.

Ch. 4 Language Evolution: Extending Pharo

Where we use GrammarTraits to extend the Pharo parser from Ch. 3 with Classic control, Functors and Imperative-style syntax and semantics.

Ch. 5 Languages for Computational Sciences

Where I introduce MOODs and help you build two DSLs for Modeling and Simulation, in the Computational Sciences.

Ch. 6 Lise: A multi-paradigm Programming Language

Where we build Lise from scratch and explore SICP, with a Xerox flavor, while re-inventing some Bell labs utilities.